Business face challenges every day, whether it be improving the quality of their product or attracting and retaining new customers. One item that’s easily overlooked is the protection and security of vital business data. Indiana Data Center helps our partners by offering an assessment that doses two things. One its give the customer a baseline of where they are now. Two it creates a road map to the future needs and security of our client.

To help reduce the risk of data loss Indiana Data Center has come up with a program that not only brings back the health of our customer’s network but creates an incredible security level as an added value. By having an assessment done and a solution implemented our clients can ensure that they are up to date on required regulation and standards for their industry.

Some examples of these regulations include:

  • PCI
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Act

By having Indiana Data Center help perform an assessment we can start to better understanding our client’s network and provide useful information so that our partners have a plan going forward.

Indiana Data Center offers the best of the best solutions and is always updating technology to ensure our partners have the tools to remain competitive.

If you are looking to kick start your business, please sign up for free assessment today.