You hear a considerable measure about the cloud, yet is it the right move for your business? Possibly, perhaps not. The choice to move parts of your system to the cloud goes priceless, as your funds in one region frequently brings about all the more spending in another. Without setting aside the opportunity to evaluate your correct circumstance, it might end up being hard to figure out if cloud arrangements are the heading your organization ought to move towards. Similarly as with any IT choice in regards to your system, the initial step we would of our association is play out an audit of your present IT setup and have a more definite exchange about which cloud administrations would profit your business and decide the strategy for your particular IT needs. We do have our own particular in-house server farm and give a full scope of facilitating administrations to clients–many of which are incredible answers for organizations of all sizes. These facilitating administrations give the spine to our cloud benefit line offerings. Here is a rundown of our facilitating administrations and some of our other most basic cloud administrations.

Our cloud services include:

  • Hosted desktop solutions
  • Hosted network servers
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange mail
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • Hosted email filtering
  • Thin client solutions
  • Virtual servers

  • Mirrored site redundancy
  • Co-location of customer equipment
  • Virtual desktop solutions

Powered by VMware, Indiana Data Center Virtual Private Servers are provisioned by creating a partition from a robust resource of physical servers.  With a Virtual Private Server, you can get all of the benefits and control of a dedicated server, without the high cost.  A Virtual Private Server runs as a dedicated machine with its own operating system. Indiana Data Center virtual Private Servers run in a high availability environment, meaning, any failure in the physical resource that the virtual server is living on will trigger a “hot” move of the virtual server to another available physical resource alleviating down time due to hardware failure.

Customers are provided root level access to Indiana Data Center virtual servers.  Indiana Data Center will provision the virtual server to the customer’s requirements along with the operating system chosen by the customer.  With root level access and administrative rights, you can install any software, add users, reboot the server and modify the operating system to suit your needs.

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