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At Indiana Data Center, we respect your privacy and have set certain standards for our customers to adhere to. By continuing to use our services, you have agreed to the following policies:

General Billing Policies:
Billing Policy
Privacy Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Cancellation Policy

Domain Registration:
Domain Renewal Policy
Domain Transfer Policy
Domain Registration Policies (.com .net .org .cc .tv .name .info .biz .us .ca .uk) ICANN's Registrant's Benefits and Responsibilities
ICANN's site for registrant education

Metrolan Internet Service:
Metrolan 1yr and 2 yr Internet Service Terms and Conditions


The following standard SLA's are our commitment in providing consistent delivery of service and support to our Customers. At the discretion of INDDC, terms of the service level agreement may be altered. The following published SLA's are the prevailing versions in performance.

Colocation SLA

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