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Help Desk

The INDDC help desk system is setup to manage all customer requests regarding billing, tech support, new service requests and other inquiries.

Support Hours

Our Customer Care Department can be reached at (260) 407-7474 or by sending an email

Technical Support:
8am - 5pm            Monday - Friday
Critical System Support: All Hours               Every day

How our Ticket System Works

  1. Our customers call or email our customer care department which creates a ticket in our system.
  2. Technicians view open tickets that are assigned to them based on category and skill set.
  3. When a technician has made progress on your ticket, you may receive emails regarding that progress (unless the problem is that you can't get email).
  4. Please check these emails to view any new information we have sent you, or that we need from you to complete the ticket.
  5. You can easily reply to the emails you receive to make sure the reply you send gets attached to the correct ticket.
  6. When the work to be done on the ticket is completed, you may receive an email regarding the fact that it is done.
  7. When the ticket is closed, you may receive an email regarding an online survey. We ask some some simple questions regarding our level of support and if there is anything we can change.

Help for Virus, Malware and Spyware:

Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware Download Spybot Search and Destroy

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