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Data Protection and Recovery- Indiana Data Center, Fort Wayne, IN

Data Protection and Recovery- Indiana Data Center, Fort Wayne, IN

Now more than ever before, you need to reduce the cost and pain related to data management. That means cutting unnecessary budget expenses, replacing outdated, inefficient technologies, and eliminating disparate point products. Not exactly the kind of problems you’d turn to an enterprise backup product to solve (even one ranked #1 by industry end-users). But with Simpana® software, backup is just the beginning.

Simpana software’s single code base and common platform deliver the industry’s only truly holistic data management solution. This revolutionary architecture enables companies to immediately reclaim space on primary storage, reduce offsite storage by up to 90 percent, and eliminate up to half their tape drives (not to mention deduplicate data across all tiers as well as archive, preserve, and search information for eDiscovery). The result? Data management cost savings of up to 40 percent, in under one year.

A Singular Approach

Unlike competitive data management software solutions, Simpana software’s unique “singular” approach employs modules for Backup, Archive, Replication, Resource Management, and Search, built from the ground up on a single unifying code base and common platform.

Modules effortlessly “talk” to one another -- performing all data management functions quickly, easily, and reliably from a single console with an integrated view of all managed data across all applications, platforms, devices, and locations.

Flexible, Scalable & Economical

Because modules are individually licensable, choose whichever ones meet current needs and activate additional modules as new needs emerge. And the platform is installed only once, providing built-in scalability and flexibility to address future needs.

The economics of Simpana 8? This “singular,” architecture eliminates the need for a myriad of disparate, point-level products, each with its own interface, hardware infrastructure, training, support requirements, and cost.
  Backup and Recovery
  Resource Management
  Virtual Server Protection
  Workstation/Laptop Backup
  Learn how you can eliminate the infrastructure cost it would take to build a comparable system by leveraging the Indiana Data Center-Simpana® Solution.


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