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Server Colocation- Indiana Data Center, Fort Wayne, IN

Information is the lifeblood of your organization and keeping that information secure and accessible to your staff and clients is critical to how your business operates.  Indiana Data Center is designed to ensure high availability and security of your network and data.

Host your servers and IT infrastructure in an environment specifically engineered for optimal performance, redundancy, security and up-time.  In the event that your facility becomes inaccessible, experiences an extended loss of power, or worst case, is destroyed, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your network, applications and data are alive and well at Indiana Data Center. 

Indiana Data Center has the resources your network demands!

Server Colocation Security
  • Indiana Data Center has incorporated disaster-resistant server rooms.  You can take confidence in the fact that your servers will be housed in a "bunker" constructed of 6.5" concrete walls and ceilings that resides inside of our building's main structure of 6.5" concrete.
  • Indiana Data Center is a geographically secure location free from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.
Server Colocation Environment
  • Raised floor server rooms
  • Climate controlled with N+1 cooling
  • Fully staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) for network, device and climate monitoring
  • 24 x 7 video surveillance of all internal and external areas
  • Secured, single point of entry into the data center and NOC
Server Colocation Power
  • Indiana Data Center is powered by a conditioned, 480V, three phase primary grid.
  • Our on-site Diesel Generator provides continuous backup power in the event of a primary grid failure.
  • Our parallel UPS system ensures a seamless transition from primary power to backup power.
Server Colocation Bandwidth
  • Multi-homed Internet connections through multiple Tier-1 carriers
  • BGP routing for optimal path selection and redundancy
  • Each carrier has a diverse point of entry into the building.
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